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Amalfi Musical Opera

Amalfi Musical

Not only sea, sun, natural and historical artistic beauties. Amalfi will also offer you important events and appointments not to lose during your vacation in Amalfi or in Sorrento Coast.

If you have booked your stay from May till October you surely cannot manage without devoting an evening to the Amalfi Musical Opera.
A medieval, exciting and suggestive show, to live again the splendour and the history of the ancient Seafaring Republic.
The musical is in fact historically set in one thousand A.D. and it gives to its spectators an intriguing plot to go back over the main stages of the birth of the Amalfi Republic. Besides it is permormed in the Arsenal of the Republic in Amalfi, a fabulous structure of the one thousand A. D., furnished with all the modern comforts, as air conditioning, to make even more this unbelievable experience in the past even more pleasant.

The sung history narration is revived in the story, really happened, of the love between Antonio and Giovanna opposed by the hate of the perfidious Sicardo and by numerous intrigues, betrayals and incursions.

The show will be every Wednesday and Saturday at 9.00 p.m. from May 3rd 2014 on.
Included in the ticket price there is a rich free buffet with typical local products and specialist Amalfi Coast wine and spirits bar.

The entrance ticket costs EUR 30 and you can buy it at the box office in the Amalfi Republic Dockyard.

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